Hi I'am Denny

I took an early retirement program after working for more than 17 years with various roles at Sabre Travel Network Indonesia. A joint venture company between Sabre International and Garuda Indonesia provides reservation systems for Travel agents to book & issue international flight tickets.

After early retirement in 2021, I opened a small business with the brand Maminepastry. I use my experience to create its brands, online stores in the marketplace, social media, and a website. Including setting up the Google business suite, Google Map, Google Analytics, CMS WordPress, and Yoast to optimize the search engines.

Skill Up Digital Marketing Knowledge with RevoU

This year, I also joined the 12th-week full-stack digital marketing program from RevoU, together with a curated group of other high-achiever students, the foundations of growth and digital marketing across the full spectrum of online marketing, from organic & paid user acquisition to retention strategies, analytics, and competitive intelligence. To skill up my digital marketing knowledge and to relate it with my integrated marketing communication experience.

While learning digital marketing, I also worked as a freelance for KlubHC.com by building their website, social media, running FB ads, and supporting their regular online training. After graduating from REVOU, I worked as a freelance performance marketing for Joyful Giraffe, part of Revo Labs, to run their Facebook Ads for CPAS Shoppee Singapore and their website.


I am a generalist, formed for many years in a tech company. Working in this company's, required me to be able of many things, starting from using the product, educate the customers, creating and implementing the marketing program, work in a team, manage the community and many others.

Adapting to the limitations and always giving the best has developed my critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving attitude. I am very grateful to work at Sabre because even though I only worked in one company for many years, it kept me learning and allowed me to try and implement new ideas.


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Updated on 06.10.2021


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Sabre Travel Network Indonesia (formerly known as Abacus Distribution Systems Indonesia) is a B2B joint venture company between Sabre International and Garuda Indonesia that provides reservation systems for travel agents.


Responsible for brand changes, to replace the branding using the new guidelines, starting from the logo at the offices, all marketing collaterals, digital assets such as the company's website and social media, and many others. Run a lucky draw promotion program called Sabre Book & Drive Season 1 & 2 with Honda HRV cars as the grand prizes and various prizes, launch in yearly product seminar, and announce the winner at the Travel consultants gathering event. Supporting more than 20 events travel fair every year. Create a new loyalty program from zero. Launch a new product with more than 1000 participants and Ronald Kasali as the guest speaker. Soft launch new affiliate program combined with a family gathering event with the theme of carnival day.

Create and manage the Social Media Organic (FB, IG, Twitter, Linkedin) and corporate website to optimize the company's brand awareness and campaigns by displaying promotion programs, tips, news & updates, FAQs, Greetings, running live IG, and others. Until the end of 2020, there are 6,400 Fanpage followers, 5,000 Facebook friends, 600 Facebook group members, 728 twitters followers, 2,000 Instagram followers, 2,360 Linkedin followers, 700 members for a loyalty program. Publish monthly e-newsletter thru the corporate website and email marketing (with more than 5000 email subscribers).

When the Covid 19 pandemic hit Indonesia, we created an online joint promotion festival to replace the travel fair's activities supported with more than 10 Airlines Partners. Run regular online training programs for customers, online joint seminars with airlines partners every month, and regular live Instagram with partners and guest speakers from the travel industry. Support the company to win the BUMN branding and marketing award 2020 by drafting the assignment and the presentation to win the qualification for the awards. 



Before being fully acquired by Sabre International in 2015.


I was experiencing in running customer gatherings & product seminars events. Support joint seminars and joint promotions with airlines partners. Propose and run booking promotion programs. Design and propose the promotional materials, including design for corporate Agenda Calendar. Propose and produce corporate merchandise for branding needs and corporate campaigns. Work with an advertising agency to create a company and video profiles.

Experience in many travel fairs activities in Indonesia (GATF, KOMPAS TF, ASTINDO TF, and many more). Responsible for company participation in more than 10 travel fair events every year. My role was responsible as a team coordinator work with IT, Sales, Helpdesk, Procurement team, and partners to prepare the system, computer equipment, internet networks, marketing program, and other technical preparation.

In 2015, when Sabre acquired Abacus International, I was responsible for implementing the brand changes in Indonesia, including running the new brand launching event.


In 2012, I was assigned to Balikpapan as the sales representative for half a year and then back to Jakarta as a Marketing communication specialist. 

Successfully, increasing more than 100% booking transactions in the Kalimantan area by taking advantage of the new routes Maswings, Pontianak-Kucing, and Tarakan-Tawaw, which operate using ATR aircraft. My role is to make sure travel agents can use our system, and I also conduct onsite training and visit agents regularly.


Often trusted to help running the company events, include designing some promotional materials, in 2007, I was assigned to be a marketing communication staff. And to improve my skills for the new role, I took the initiative to continue studying to get a bachelor's degree in communication at Mercu Buana University, but learning while working is not easy. Spending my weekend at the campus that far from home is very suppering moreover, I just had my 2nd child, where even though I finished all the lecture materials on time, I did not finish my thesis.

Has been participated in AIC (Abacus International Conference) in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam, to get the latest update on Abacus technology and solutions. Creating and organizing internal and external events, manage the customer's community using reward programs. Launch joint promotions with partners. Manage company participation at travel fairs events and many more. 

SALES EXECUTIVE | 2005 - 2007

In 2005 I was appointed as a sales executive for Jakarta, Bandung, and Balikpapan area. That's when I started getting to know many people from the travel industry, such as big travel agents, representatives of international airlines, pioneers of travel insurance, and many others. I am an introvert, but I can carry out my duties as a salesperson who must maintain good relations with clients.

Around 2006. I was assigned to be a company representative to prepare for the first and largest travel fair event at the Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia, namely the Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair, where previously MHTF was well known and often held in Malaysia. In collaboration with Malaysia Airlines and several GDS providers, we provide computer equipment with the latest specs, including internet networks and reservation systems. Assisted and supervised by a representative from Abacus Malaysia, we succeeded as the GDS with the most users and the most stable system.

INSTRUCTOR | 2004 - 2005

In my second year with Abacus Indonesia, I am also the Basic reservation and ticketing trainer. My role is to train new Abacus users how to use the Abacus system.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT | 2003 - 2004

I started my carrier in 2003 with PT. Abacus Distributions Systems Indonesia, as a helpdesk staff. I can use Sabre Red (a reservation system for travel agents) and other related applications.


Tour & Travel Laboratory Under D3 Pariwisata FISIP UI

Ticketing & Operational Staff | 2002 - 2003

My first experience working in the travel industry, after graduating from the Diploma University of Indonesia majoring in tourism, I am working as a ticketing and operational staff at Makara travel.

SKILL & Abilities


Mailchimp | Expert


WordPress, Unbounce | Expert

Facebook Ads


Google Ads

Search Engine Marketing | Intermediate

MS Office


Google Analytic


Google Data Studio


Facebook Business



Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and exhibition expert

Graphic Design

Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Ilustration | Expert

Video Editor

Movie Maker, Premier, Inshot | Expert


Animaker | Intermediate



My Portfolio & Project

Digital Marketing

Facebook Ads Plan for Adidas Malaysia

Creating Facebook Ads planning & strategy for Adidas as Technical assignment for Revou Labs

Facebook Ads Pitching Deck for Aroma Laundry Group Project

My role in this project is to create a web design for the Aromalaundry, set up the Unbounce as the CMS, and optimize the website. I am also doing technical setup for Facebook ads campaign and analyzing the performance.

Google Ads Pitching Deck for Group Project Aroma Laundry

My role in this project is to set up Google Ads (keyword research, create Ads structure, Ads copy and extension, Google Analytics, and optimize the website. I am also analyzing the performance and giving recommendations.

Social Media Organic Planning & Strategy for Laundry Business Project

Creating social media organic planning & strategy for laundry business as an individual assignment


Create Alibaba Lifecycle Journey as the CRM individual assignment. You can see more detail about this lifecycle journey on the presentation by clicking the button below.



Aroma Laundry (Group Project) Digital Guidelines

Create Brand guidelines for Aroma Laundry Group project, consist of Logo, Colors, and typeface. 

Mamine Pastry Digital Guidelines

Create Brand guidelines for Mamine Pastry,  consist of Logo, Colors, and typeface. 

Survive in the challenging year 2020

Run online joint promotion festival and Win BUMN Branding and Marketing Award 2020

During 2020, Garuda Mandiri Travel Festival was the last travel fair event held in Jakarta, collaboration with Garuda Indonesia, Bank Mandiri, Gandaria City Mall, and several top travel agents. The event was running well, even haunted by the pandemic situation that had begun to enter Indonesia.

We also run a workshop for the affiliation program members. And during the New Year, I am also responsible for company participation in Big Bang Jakarta Expo.

When the Covid 19 pandemic hit Indonesia, we created an online joint promotion festival to replace the travel fair's activities supported with more than 10 Airlines Partners.

Run regular online training programs for customers, online joint seminars with airlines partners every month, and regular live Instagram with partners and guest speakers from the travel industry.

Support the company to win the BUMN branding and marketing award 2020 by drafting the assignment and the presentation to win the qualification for the awards.

Big Events

Run new product grand launching and family gathering events

In 2019 the company launched a new product, Electra Platform. I was assigned as an event coordinator in this grand launching event, worked with other departments and event organizers, with Renald Khasali and Merri Riana as the guest speakers. Held in the raffles hotel ballroom, Jakarta, and more than 1000 participants have attended the events. My role is to ensure the event runs as a plan and prepare various design needs such as product brochures, merchandise, and many others. As a result, the event went well, and the 1000 seats provided seemed full even though the event was held on a Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM. More than 300 agents have registered the new solutions.

After the grand launching event, at the end of 2019, I am also successfully held a soft launch new affiliate program combined with a family gathering event with the theme of carnival day. The audiences are from internal and their families, and also former company officials. The event was held in the grand ballroom Ayana Midplaza Hotel using all the areas, including the garden next to the hotel ballroom. We turned the venue into a playground area for families, indoor and outdoor. As a result, 70% of participants have attended the event, and more than 50% have registered for the program.

Loyalty Program

Create New Loyalty Program and CRM activities

In 2017, I was assigned to create a new loyalty program and launched it in 2018. Work with various parties, from the sales team, developer team, data analyst, procurement department, and management. My role is to create a customer journey in a web-based application, propose the budget, program name, branding, campaign optimization, and run the program. Despite the many obstacles faced, my team and I managed to make the application in less than six months and officially launched in July 2018 through the annual product seminar event and conducted roadshows to several big cities in Indonesia. Until the end of 2018, 500 travel consultants registered as members and continued to grow to 700 active members the following year. I am also creating a short animated video to inform the audience about the programs.

Animation Video & Mock Up Mobile Apps